Our team


Laura was inspired to start teaching after falling in love with the positive impact Pilates had on her as a client. Laura wanted to be able to share that positive experience with others and she loves how strong and empowered Pilates makes her feel both physically and mentally. 

Laura’s classes are fun, energetic and strong. When she’s not teaching you’ll find her at the beach, in nature, watching sunsets, walking her dog Nala and spending time with friends and family. Her spirit animal is a golden retriever.  


Tayla has always had a passion for health and fitness and loves helping people achieve their goals through Pilates. Tayla’s classes are creative, fun and fast paced and she loves how Pilates makes her feel strong and invigorated. When she’s not teaching, you’ll find her spending time with family, going to the beach, travelling and eating Mexican food! Tayla’s spirit animal is a dog – friendly, loyal, loving and energetic!


Tash was working in retail management and after realising it wasn’t her passion found and fell in love with Pilates. Tash’s classes are fun, loud, challenging and inclusive. Tash loves that Pilates is movement without expectation and you can do some really cool and fun things on the reformer and mat! When she’s not teaching, Tash loves spending time with family and friends and on a sunny day you will find her outside soaking up the rays. 


Amy started Pilates when she was taking a break from performing and has never looked back! She loves that Pilates gives you a strength, cardio, mobility and endurance workout all in one and her classes are dynamic, strong and powerful. When Amy’s not teaching you’ll find her exercising. Amy’s spirit animal is a dolphin and her favourite foods are chocolate and carrots (although not at the same time!).


Meg has loved Pilates ever since her first class 8 years ago. She loves how it makes her feel and that it challenges the mind and body. Meg’s classes are fun and dynamic and leave you feeling the burn in all the right places! When she’s not teaching, she’s finishing her studies in Osteopathy, walking her dog, doing Pilates herself or eating her favourite food – acai bowls!


Mel fell in love with Pilates from the minute she finished her first class as a client and loves the way it makes her feel both physically and mentally. Mel’s classes are energetic, fun and mindful and she’ll always encourage you to push yourself that little bit further. When she’s not doing Pilates, she’s eating! Mel is a true food lover and has a current obsession with grilled chicken bowls with greens and tahini. Fun fact, Mel used to work as cabin crew and traveling is her second passion (after Pilates of course).


Kelly has a passion for helping people improve their wellbeing and she loves that Pilates is adaptable and builds strength. Kelly’s classes are energetic, educational and flowy. When she’s not teaching, Kelly is spending time with her family and friends. Her spirit animal is a bear and her favourite food is salmon…could there be a more perfect combination!?


Siobhan started teaching because she wanted to share the benefits she felt from Pilates with others. She loves helping people and enjoys seeing her clients progress with their strength and form. Siobhan’s classes are smooth and controlled, bringing body awareness to the class. When she’s not teaching Siobhan is spending time with her friends, taking classes herself and eating out. Siobhan’s favourite food is…all of it! 


Isabella started teaching as a way to share her love of Pilates, express creativity and create a sense of community! She loves how Pilates connects you to your body and self and cultivates strength, mindfulness and wellbeing. Isabella’s classes are empowering, considered and thoughtful. When she’s not teaching, you’ll find her in nature, meditating or doing art and being creative. Isabella’s spirit animal is a butterfly and she loves all Italian food – especially Nonna’s!


Natalie loves every part of how Pilates makes you feel! From getting flexy and stretchy to raising your heart rate and feeling the burn, Natalie loves that every class is different and a chance to challenge yourself. Natalie’s classes will get your body moving in all different ways and are energetic, fun and educational. When Natalie’s not teaching, she loves to find a balance between Pilates, HIIT training and drinking cocktails with friends. If there’s one food Natalie can’t live without it’s nutella!